For governments

Inspired by the Government 2.0 movement, was launched in March 2011 as a tool for connecting citizens in the Show-Me state to public data.

Developed at the Reynolds Journalism Institute in Columbia, is an independent, non-partisan resource that informs citizens about the data sets government agencies are storing offline. Citizens who are registered users can use our Sunshine letter generator to create targeted requests for information. Registered users can also share sample data files that they've obtained from public agencies.

We'd like to invite agencies of all kinds -- counties, municipalities and school districts -- to participate. provides a no-cost platform for you to share meaningful information with citizens and demonstrate your committment to open government. Also, you will enable citizens to write more focused request letters, meaning less time for your staff in filling requests.

It's easy to participate. All you need to do is tell us several key details about your databases and we'll add the information to the site.

Please see our FAQ for more information.

Contact founder David Herzog at 573-882-2127 or if you have questions or would like to participate.