Department of Public Safety

Lewis and Clark State Office Building
P.O. Box 749
Jefferson City, MO 65102



Sandy Kartsten

Mary Beckwith

Custodian of Records-Office of Director



This information for DPS Office of Director only. For a full list of records custodians in DPS see Coordinates statewide law enforcement, criminal justice and public safety efforts. Includes State Highway Patrol, Missouri National, Guard, Office of Homeland Security, State Emergency Management Agency, crime lab and Capitol Police. Also responsible for crime victims compensation fund and other grant administration, managing criminal records, amusement ride inspections, commercial vehicle inspections, elevator safety, police officer standards and training and alcohol law regulation and enforcement.

Data Sets

Firefighter/Emergency Responder Training/Certification Program

Health, Public safety and corrections
Stores information about people trained, tested certified by Division of Fire Safety or other approved training entities. Due to the sensitve nature of certain data (ex: Social Security Numbers), some...

Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspection Program

Energy and utilities, Industry and technology, Laws and regulations, Public safety and corrections
Safety inspections of boilers and pressure vessels, issuance of state operating and installation permits....

Elevator Safety Inspection Program

Government, Laws and regulations, Public safety and corrections
Safety inspection of elevators and related equipment, issuance of state operating and installation permits, listing of state licensed elevator inspectors....

Amusement ride inspections and accidents

Public safety and corrections, Recreation and tourism
Contains detailed information about amusement ride operators doing business in the state and the inspection of amusement rides at carnivals and amusements parks by the Division of Fire Safety. One...