Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

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Jefferson City, MO 65102



Margie Vandeven

William Thornton

General Counsel



DESE is the administrative arm of the State Board of Education. It aims to improve student performance in public schools and certifies teachers and other educators. It is charged with supervising instruction in public schools. The board sets standards for all education professionals, monitors school district compliance with state and federal laws and regulations and helps administer special education.

Data Sets

Title III Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives

School-level data about performance on English proficiency tests, as required by the federal No Child Left Behind Act....

Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)

As required by the federal No Child Left Behind Act, this data is used to measure how students are doing based on proficiency as well as attendance and graduation...

Annual Performance Report

Standardized test score data for school districts across Missouri....

Teacher license revocations

Education, Jobs, employment and occupations
Details about teachers who've had their licenses revoked by the State Board of Education. Includes name, date of birth, reason for revocation and date of action....