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Margie Vandeven

William Thornton

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DESE is the administrative arm of the State Board of Education. It aims to improve student performance in public schools and certifies teachers and other educators. It is charged with supervising instruction in public schools. The board sets standards for all education professionals, monitors school district compliance with state and federal laws and regulations and helps administer special education.

Data Sets

Workforce Investment Act

Education, Human services and social programs, Jobs, employment and occupations
The Employment Training Section uses this database to track students and schools that participate in the workforce development training funded by the U.S. Department of Labor under the federal Workforce...

Educational Surrogate

Education, Human services and social programs
Database in development. When finished, it will contain detailed information about educational surrogates and the students whom they serve. Student data to include name, birthday, school attending and residence. Educational...

Sheltered Workshop

Education, Jobs, employment and occupations, Human services and social programs
Tracks information about sheltered workshops, which are private, nonprofit corporations that hire workers with disabilities. The state subsidizes and regulates these business. The database keeps details about the workshops' number...

School Food Service Program Download sample data

Agriculture and food production, Education, Human services and social programs
Colyar Consulting Group created the database under contract with the state and is launching it for the 2011-2012 school year. Stores information about food service directors and authorized representatives for...

Highly Qualified Educators Download sample data

Education, Laws and regulations
Database in development. Lists details about teachers who are deemed to be highly qualified teacher under state guidelines. Highly qualified teachers must have full state teaching certification, at least a...

Missouri School Improvement Program

Education, Government
Used by the MSIP to track school districts' responses to questions posed by the program as part of the regular review process. The MSIP does not use this information to...

Missouri Preschool Program Download sample data

Business and commerce, Education, Human services and social programs
Information about licensed preschool programs: name, contact information, license date, licensed capacity, estimated number of children served, curriculum, length of school day, accreditation date and accreditation model. Sample file is...

Missouri Virtural Instruction Program

Education, Human services and social programs
Database stores information about students enrolled in MoVIP, which offers online courses for students K-12 statewide....

Missouri Student Information System

Education, Human services and social programs
MOSIS is a student-level database that includes for each student an identifier, program participation and eligibility, enrollment and attendance....

Missouri Comprehensive Data System

Education, Government
The MCDS, which is under development, is a data warehouse that allows school personnel and the public to access school district and building data. The data warehouse feeds the public...

Improvement Monitoring Accountability and Monitoring System

Education, Government
All school improvement monitoring information, including student level data....

General Educational Development

Database used to manage GED certificate program for people at least 16 years old who did not complete school and no longer enrolled in high school....

Foundation Formula Download sample data

Education, Government, Laws and regulations
Used to determine how much money the state distributes monthly to public schools, based on attendance, local property tax rates, summer school offerings and percent of students who are disadvantaged...

Electronic Plan and Electronic Grants System

Education, Government
The ePeGS database holds information about district plans, building-level plans and the steps needed to meet them. Also has budget information and grant payment requests....

Educator licensing

Education, Laws and regulations, Jobs, employment and occupations
Keeps information about educators licensed by the state: names, ID numbers, birth dates, addresses, colleges/universities attended, Praxis test scores, background check information, certificates issued. Some of the information is private...

Education Data Exchange Network (EDEN)

Data in system is collected under federal law and is shared with the U.S. Department of Education. Data goes down to the school level and includes demographics, program participation, implementation,...

Early Childhood Special Education

Education, Human services and social programs
This is an Expenditure Report database for the Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) program. Only school districts that provide these services complete the Expenditure Report.  ECSE services are mandatory and...

Core Data

Education, Government, Laws and regulations
The Core Data system collects and reports primary information about students, classes, teachers, schools and school districts that is used to determine compliance with state and federal laws and regulations....

Secretary of the Board Annual Report

Education, Government, Transportation and motor vehicles
Holds information about school districts: revenue and expenditures, fund balances, transfers between funds, debt, school bus transportation, ridership counts and mileage....

Adult Computer Enrollment System (ACES)

Education, Jobs, employment and occupations
The ACES system is used to track enrollment in the state's adult education and literacy programs for reporting to federal authorities. Includes information about participants' enrollment, demographics, student hours and...