Department of Conservation

P.O. Box 180
Jefferson City, MO 65102



Sara Parker Pauley

Lisa Wehmeyer

Custodian of Records

573-522-4115 Ext. 3522


Established in 1937 to manage the state's fish, forest and wildlife resources. The department issues hunting, trapping and fishing permits and manages more than 975,000 acres of land across the state. The department is headed by the four -member conservation commission, which appoints a department director. The department gets its revenue from hunting and fishing permit sales and a one-eighth of one percent sales tax. The department's activities include outreach and education, conservation and research.

Data Sets

Ag crop

Agriculture and food production, Environmental protection, Natural resources
Information about permits and contracts for a program that allows the department to plant fields of corn and wheat on farmers' lands with the agreement that some of those crops...

Adopt a trail

Natural resources, Recreation and tourism
Information about people and organizations that have adopted hiking trails....

Accident reporting system

Government, Jobs, employment and occupations, Health
Used by human resources to track employee safety records....