Department of Conservation

P.O. Box 180
Jefferson City, MO 65102



Sara Parker Pauley

Lisa Wehmeyer

Custodian of Records

573-522-4115 Ext. 3522


Established in 1937 to manage the state's fish, forest and wildlife resources. The department issues hunting, trapping and fishing permits and manages more than 975,000 acres of land across the state. The department is headed by the four -member conservation commission, which appoints a department director. The department gets its revenue from hunting and fishing permit sales and a one-eighth of one percent sales tax. The department's activities include outreach and education, conservation and research.

Data Sets


Government, Industry and technology
Proprietary system that keeps track of computer bugs within the department's internal applications....

Fleet information system

Government, Transportation and motor vehicles
Keeps track of information about all of the department's vehicles, including trucks, bulldozers and motorboats. Among other things, it tracks each vehicle's mileage and information about vehicle maintenance....

Fish stat

Environmental protection, Natural resources, Recreation and tourism
Tracks fish growth based on the rings on fish scales. It keeps track of fish by species and samples....

Fire reporting

Environmental protection, Public safety and corrections, Natural resources
Keeps track of which rural fire departments help during forest fires, where the fires are and how many units responded....

Field trip grants

Education, Environmental protection, Natural resources
Records information about grants given to schools to take field trips to conservation areas or to teach programs about conservation....

Federation license plate

Business and commerce, Government, Transportation and motor vehicles
Keeps track of those who have paid for vanity license plates through the department....

Falconry permits

Government, Laws and regulations, Natural resources
Information about people who have permits to own falcons....

Expenditures system

Business and commerce, Government
Tracks all of the department's expenditures....

Employee roster

Government, Jobs, employment and occupations
Allows the human resources division to access personnel information, such as which division an employee works in and employee phone numbers....


Government, Jobs, employment and occupations
Used by the department's human resources division to track employee hours and how many vacation and sick days each employee has accumulated....

Document library

Communications, Government
Allows employees of the department to look up any documents posted on the department's website, including Word files, PDFs and spreadsheets....

Data warehouse

Communications, Government, Industry and technology
Compiles most of the department's databases into one when employees of the department need to make reports....

Chronic Wasting Disease application

Environmental protection, Health, Natural resources
Has information about deer and elk that are kept in captivity to inspect whether they are healthy and do not have Chronic Wasting Disease. (CWD)...

Photo library

Communications, History and culture, Recreation and tourism
A Cumulus digital assets management system library of the department's photographs....

Commercial permits

Business and commerce, Government, Natural resources, Environmental protection
Information about professionals in the state who work with wildlife, such as commercial anglers or taxidermists. They must have permits to work with wildlife in their line of work....

Change management

Government, Industry and technology
Keeps track of major changes to the IT (Information Technology) infrastructure, such as when a server might need to be replaced and how long the system would be affected by...

Cell phones

Communications, Government, Jobs, employment and occupations
Stores details about mobile/cellular telephone use and billing information for all the department's employees....


Environmental protection, Laws and regulations, Natural resources
Gathers heritage data about threatened and endangered species in the state and feeds it into a national database. The department says the information is confidential because it does not want...

Arrest record (protection arrest)

Laws and regulations, Legal services and courts, Public safety and corrections, Environmental protection
Has information about of all the warrants the department's agents write for conservation violations. Parts of this database are confidential, the department says....

Agent card

Government, Jobs, employment and occupations
Stores information that goes on laminated pocked identification cards for Department of Corrections employees....