Department of Conservation

P.O. Box 180
Jefferson City, MO 65102



Sara Parker Pauley

Jennifer Frazier

Custodian of Records

573-522-4115 Ext. 3522


Established in 1937 to manage the state's fish, forest and wildlife resources. The department issues hunting, trapping and fishing permits and manages more than 975,000 acres of land across the state. The department is headed by the four -member conservation commission, which appoints a department director. The department gets its revenue from hunting and fishing permit sales and a one-eighth of one percent sales tax. The department's activities include outreach and education, conservation and research.

Data Sets

MOFEP OverstoryV2 Mobile

Resource Science
MOFEP Overstory ToughPad Data Collection...


Resource Science
Missouri Fish and Wildlife Information System. Managed by Resource Science....

MOMILLS Lumber Mill Tracking

Resource Science
Supplies information on lumber mills to the general public....

PBGv2 Mobile

Resource Science
PBG ToughPad Data Collection...


Outreach and Education
Used at Shooting Range and Nature Shops...

RAMv5 Mobile

Resource Science
RAM ToughPad Data Collection...

Regulations Database

Outreach and Education
Holds the regulations for the different species and seasons. Regulations depends upon Atlas for the list of Areas; if Atlas is down, so is Regulations....


Financial Services
Retail management system mgmt system Used to process sale items over the phone and at nature shop sales. It also tracks free publications....

Small Mouth Bass Management Areas

An interactive map in a story map displays the separate management areas. Also includes link to annual prospects and regulations....

SQL Server Reporting Services

Information Technology
SQL Server Reporting Services...

Stream Team App

Contains volunteer information, contact information, accomplishments, water quality data, and training records....

Survey 123 App, Show me muskie

Survey123 web form to collect survey information from anglers on muskie caught within the 5 waterbodies stocked in MO....

Survey 123, Hydrilla

Survey123 web form to collect survey information from MDC staff and local partners on hydrilla sightings found in MO waterbodies....

Upper Mississippi Blind Draw

The main drawing for Upper Mississippi Conservation Area waterfowl blinds will be held every other year, on even years. The drawing is composed of four phases....

Waterfowl Draw System

Waterfowl Managed Hunt Draw System...

Waterfowl Reservation System

Waterfowl Draw Reservation Application...

CWD Hunter Results

Natural resources
Hunter Harvest CWD Test Results on MDC Public Web...

CWD Free Ranging Positives

Natural resources

CWD Data Collection Mobile

Natural resources
CWD Data collection by Android for Targeted Culling...

CWD Aggregate Results

Natural resources
CWD Test Aggregate Results on MDC Public Web...