Department of Conservation

P.O. Box 180
Jefferson City, MO 65102



Sara Parker Pauley

Lisa Wehmeyer

Custodian of Records

573-522-4115 Ext. 3522


Established in 1937 to manage the state's fish, forest and wildlife resources. The department issues hunting, trapping and fishing permits and manages more than 975,000 acres of land across the state. The department is headed by the four -member conservation commission, which appoints a department director. The department gets its revenue from hunting and fishing permit sales and a one-eighth of one percent sales tax. The department's activities include outreach and education, conservation and research.

Data Sets

Nature Shop sales

Business and commerce, Communications, Education
Keeps track of sales in the department's bookstore, Nature Shop....

Wildlife control permits

Business and commerce, Environmental protection, Natural resources
Tracks people who have wildlife control permits, which allow people to conduct wildlife extermination as a business. This could include permits given to exterminators who need to rid homes of...

Surplus sales

Business and commerce, Government, Taxes and government revenue
Keeps track of the department's equipment sold at an annual auction. Equipment gets sent to auction when the cost to maintain the equipment surpasses the cost to keep and use...

Payroll salary check

Government, Jobs, employment and occupations
Matches the expenditure and e-labor databases to make sure that the payroll and timesheet information agree....

Missouri Conservationist subscribers

Education, Natural resources, Environmental protection
Tracks subscribers of the department's magazines. There is an online interface that allows subscribers sign up for or cancel subscriptions, as well as change their address. Used internally to compile...

Forest ecosystem project

Environmental protection, Natural resources
Tracks how forests in certain plots grow over time. The project is about 10 years old, and the department hopes to track data for 100 years....

MO Fish and Wildlife Information System

Environmental protection, Natural resources
MOFIS keeps track of threatened species in the hopes that the department can help the species before they become endangered. It tracks populations for each threatened species, and has a...

Family medical leave act

Government, Jobs, employment and occupations, Laws and regulations
Used by the human resources division to track who is using family medical leave so the department can keep in compliance with the federal act that guarantees a certain amount...

Airport and flights database

Business and commerce, Transportation and motor vehicles, Government
Keeps track of airplane flights made by employees, including who is scheduled to use airplanes, the length of trips, and airplane maintenance....

Employee accidents

Government, Laws and regulations, Legal services and courts, Jobs, employment and occupations
Used by human resources division to keep track of employees who have accidents on the job. Includes information about employees who file for workers' compensation and whether the accidents involved...

Ginseng sellers

Agriculture and food production, Business and commerce, Natural resources
Information about people who have permits to buy ginseng, which is a controlled herb, for resale. It grows in the wild but is sold commercially. Contains information about how much...

IT inventory

Keeps track of how many keyboards, monitors, mice and other computer devices the department has....

Interstate wildlife violators compact

Laws and regulations, Public safety and corrections, Natural resources
Pulls information from a national database that tracks everyone in the United States who has violated wildlife rules. Used for checking whether a permit applicant is a violators and therefore...

Property inventory

Keeps track of all of the department's infrastructure, including buildings, real estate, boat ramps and parking lots, as well as any maintenance that may be needed or has already been...

Hunting method exemptions

Human services and social programs, Laws and regulations, Natural resources
Tracks people who are allowed to break certain hunting regulations because of a disability or other health reasons. For example, some disabled people are allowed to hunt from a vehicle...

Hunting accidents

Health, Public safety and corrections, Recreation and tourism
Holds information about hunting accidents, including who was involved in the accident and other basic details about what might have contributed to the accident. Also the department releases summary information...

Hunter education and certification

Education, Natural resources
Information about hunting education classes the department teaches and which students have been certified so permit workers know to whom to sell permits....


Education, Human services and social programs, Natural resources, Government
Information about Frontiers, an outreach program designed to provide incentives for young people to work on conservation projects. Tracks the progress of each participant....

Forest inventory

Environmental protection, Natural resources
Keeps information about tree counts, species and size throughout the state. The database is fed by foresters entering information in the field using handheld devices. The information is used to...

Forest crop land

Agriculture and food production, Environmental protection, Natural resources
Holds information about farmers who enter a cost-share with the federal government to keep a certain amount of land forested. Tracks who these farmers are, and how many acres they...