Student application

Category: Education

Data format: PeopleSoft

An application that prospective students use to apply to any of the University’s 4 campuses. The student application is online. After students obtain an account, they can apply for acceptance at one or more campuses by providing a variety of information including biographical information, personal data, academic information including high school attended and high school grades, and parent information. Once accepted, the student’s account information is used to allow students to do things like register for classes and see their tuition and fee balances. Other information maintained in the Student Application are grades, preferences for emergency notifications, a student’s advisor, their college (such as Engineering) and the degree they are seeking. The student application also, of course, has a database of courses offered, course sections and the schedules of when and where each class is held. Much information contained within the student application would be closed pursuant to the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. (FERPA)
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